Water damage


Water is the most common property damage and the biggest risk for your home. Depending on the type of water (ie. Source of the water) and what is wet, our approach will differ. Each property is unique and requires an understanding of structure, drying techniques and access to the latest in drying equipment. Shield Restoration Services walks you through our discovery and assessment of the damage and will provide you with our protocols specific to your property and your needs.

If you have a burst pipe, in many cases we can dry in place your structure. If you unfortunately have a drain back up with sewage or sewer water, we will need to remove affected materials and contents and document all aspects of the sanitizing process to provide to you and your insurance company. Our goal is to keep you informed and keep your property safe.


The typical process for water damage is as follows:

  • We remove the water from your property
  • We divide your contents into salvageable and non-salvageable items.
  • We dry and sanitize your property so you can be assured it is once again safe, dry and clean.
  • We repair the damage by restoring your property to pre-loss condition or better.
  • You forget this water damage ever happened…the silver lining.