Fire damage

Fire damage

No matter how big or small your fire is, fire and smoke damage can be very destructive. Your clothing, furniture, walls, floors and so much more are affected by fire and smoke. To make matters worse, in order to put out the fire, water or chemicals cause further damage. What’s most important is that you and your family are safe! Our role is to bring your home back to the way it was so you can forget this disaster every happened. When we arrive, our first goal is to secure your property and begin the restoration process. We will remove the necessary clothing you need and get them cleaned immediately, while our technicians are boarding up any open windows or doors and securing the building envelope.

We work closely with you and your adjuster to assess damages to structure and all your content to ensure a fast and effective restoration process. We share the scope of work and timelines so you have an understanding of how long this process will take and collaborate will all parties involved. Shield Restoration Services prides itself on keeping you informed and available for any questions through this stressful time.