Our Team


Steve Rosenbaum

Franchise Owner, has over 20 years of corporate sales and customer service experience.   

Having worked with Fortune 500 companies both in the US and Canada, Steve understands the need to deliver on promises both to your customers and to you.  In this world, all you have is your good name…Steve lives this mantra every day. 

Why did Steve get into this business…his children!

“when I bought my first home, the builder who was flipping this home said he cleaned up the sewage from an uncapped floor drain he covered with drywall during the days up to our moving in.  We also had a mould problem in this home in the cold room with a poorly insulated water line.  It is my belief that my two oldest children, both born in this home have severe food allergies as a result of compromised immune systems early on in life due to the toxins in my home.  Our third boy, born in a new home in the Burbs, has NO allergies at all”

I joined this industry to prevent this from happening to any of the property owners we can help.  Sewage, Water damage and mould MUST be dealt with quickly and effectively…without compromise!  I am confident our boutique-like service will continue to deliver on our promise of excellent in customer service and customer care!


Sam Seha

General Manager, has over 20 years of customer service and project management experience. Sam has managed departments of 30 or more and worked with both large Fortune 500 companies and sole proprietors, so he understands the many challenges of customer service in the Construction and Restoration industry.   Most recently, Sam has head up innovation and efficiencies at Shield Restoration and been instrumental in creating operational excellence!


Why did Sam get into this business…Steve!

Why did Sam STAY in the business?

“Customers in corporate Canada have always had the highest of expectations and my teams always delivered on them.  Joining Steve and Shield Restoration, I realized that we are different than other Restoration companies and we MUST expect the same level of service I have grown accustomed to over the years.  Through our hard work and continued evolution of the industry, I am proud to be part of the “gold standard” team we have built at Shield Restoration Services”.


Dave Nelson

Project Manager, has over 8 years Insurance adjuster experience. His knowledge of the Insurance process has been a great addition to our team and has increased customer satisfaction.  Dave brings a real energy to helping others and provides perspective having worked as an Adjuster and as a Restoration Contractor.

Dave’s work as a road adjuster for complex and large loss claims provides Shield Restoration Services with the ability to handle smaller or larger size losses with ease.  Dave’s knowledge of structure and the building envelope helps him excel in explaining details of a loss to our very appreciative customers.  Dave is very well liked by all our clients, adjusters and his peers.


Bekah Grant

Project Co-ordinator, has over 3 years of co-ordinating in various fields and is solidly delivering on our rebuild and repair work and promises.  Bekah’s role is to manage the repair process with dates, timelines and cost management and exceeding expectations along the way.  Bekah has managed and delivered on many repairs in her short time with our team.